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From Pixels to Pedagogy: My Journey in Technology and Education

My professional journey began as a graphic designer in the advertising world, at a design agency. Fresh with ideas, I quickly grasped the nuances of visual storytelling. This experience laid the foundational stone of my career - the understanding that every line, color, and shape I crafted had the power to communicate and influence.

Soon, my path took a technological turn, coinciding with the commercialization of the internet. I delved into interactive project development, where design met technology. This phase was marked by a synergy of aesthetics and functionality, and I grew to manage client projects, honing my skills in project management and client relations.

Emboldened by my experiences in the agency, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding my own company. As the owner and creative director, I ventured into internet consulting, web hosting, and digital design services. This chapter demanded versatility - I was simultaneously a creator, a strategist, and a leader. Here, I learned the intricacies of running a business and the importance of evolving with the digital landscape.

My career narrative then took an academic turn as I entered the world of teaching. My tenure as an Instructor was perhaps the most transformative phase of my career. I was not just imparting knowledge but shaping futures. My role soon transcended teaching, involving the integration of technology into curriculum development and mentoring fellow educators. As these skills evolved, I began coaching educators on how to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices for improved outcomes. This role allowed me to blend my passion for technology with my commitment to education, from managing Learning Management Systems to developing online curricula. My focus was on empowering educators and students alike in the digital shift, bridging the gap between technology and education to enhance learning and growth.

Each chapter of my story has been marked by growth, learning, and adaptation. From a communicator to a technology leader in education, my career is a tapestry woven with threads of creativity, technology, and teaching. It mirrors the evolution of our digital age, continually unfolding with new challenges, opportunities, and learnings. This journey has now led me to expand my impact from my classroom to my school and the broader educational community.





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