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I specialize in creating cutting-edge technology tools that leverage the power of AI for development and education. With extensive experience in designing and building custom solutions, I can help you streamline your curriculum workflow, improve efficiencies, unleash the power of AI in your workplace, or enhance your students educational experiences. Contact me today to learn more about how I can you harness the power of AI for your business or organization.

CTE Learning Guide Generator

Customized learning guide generator incorporates all components needed to develop a functioning learning guide template with performance objectives, suggested learning activities, NOCTI performance testing, and tie back to academic standards all by answering five simple questions. Additionally, the tool can expand on the template and provide lesson plans, vocabulary lists, quizzes, study guides, and more. 


Student Job Interview Simulator

Using text or audio interaction, students can participate in an authentic job interview simulation for any career. Verbal simulator works with any ChatGPT enabled phone or tablet. 


Business Plan Pitch Emulator

Experience a realistic investor pitch simulation where AI provides critical feedback and investment decisions based on your business plan. With a focus on key areas such as value proposition, market gaps, competition, and sales strategy, the AI will ask up to 10 concise questions, offer a financial commitment based on a five-year profitability prediction, and engage in valuation-based negotiations.

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